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We' ve built a long standing relationship based on trust & results!

VIP Medical Tourism based in Germany and Switzerland main hospitals. As Medical Tourism Experts we can arrange several aspects of your medical trip.

VIP Medical Tourism is particularly suited to finding the right doctor, depending on your problem.

Through VIP Medical Tourism, health travelers are able to combine the provision of health service with organized services of accommodation and entertainment for themselves as well as for their escorts.


We offer a peace-of-mind experience for any health traveler. Our aim is to organize your medical journey as worry-free as possible whether you are looking for a way to find the best doctor/surgeon or a way to relax while taking care of medical needs or a way to combine your leisure activities with a health treatment or an annual health checkup.

Plastic surgery procedures, laser vision correction, cataract correction, bariatric surgery, phalloplasty, IVF, orthopedic surgery, dental care, luxury spa, rehabilitation, etc are only a sample of the types of treatment that can be arranged.

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